Fees Schedule

Network FeeAs charged by network *
Custody Fee0.5% of assets in Account, calculated monthly**
Swap Facility FeeWaived
Whitelisting FeeWaived
Variations ***As charged
Account research Fee ****$50.00 per hour/1 hr minimum

* Network Fee 

BTCBTCNoneAs charged by network
ETHERC20NoneAs charged by network
USDCERC20NoneAs charged by network
USDTERC20NoneAs charged by network

* Nodeam will deduct the Network Fee as part the requested amount to be withdrawn.
** Nodeam will waive this charge unless account is dormant of investment related activities for more than 3 calendar months The Swap Facility is not considered investment related activity.
*** Variations may include, but are not limited to, enhanced due diligence costs, legal undertakings, and any other occurrences not within the normal scope of Nodeam operations.
**** Account research Fee will apply when there is extensive research requested on a transaction/account which is not a result of system errors, and, or scope of normal business. Clients will be advised beforehand.
Any fee is subject to adjustment and inclusion without prior notice.