Account Management FAQs

What documents are required to get started on Nodeam?

For individuals, you will need to upload a copy of your government issued ID, preferably a passport. You will also be asked to submit a selfie and a proof of address. All these are required for KYC purpose.
For corporate accounts, you will require the following documents to be uploaded for KYB purposes:

  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Shareholders’ Register
  • Articles of Association
  • Resolution/Director(s) appointment
  • Company Ownership structure
  • Proof of Operational address
  • UBO/Shareholders/Directors IDs, Pictures, Proof of Address and other details

If further verification is warranted, our onboarding team may request additional documents.

Why does Nodeam asks for certified documents?

Some ID documents are not supported in the verification process. In such instances, Nodeam will require certified copies of the original documents for processing. Note that certifications are generally valid for 3 months from issue date.

Additionally, there will be legal requirements for certification of documents when the source is of a different domicile and language. Nodeam only accepts said documents in English, or otherwise translated and certified.

Can I sign up for an Account?

Nodeam is bound by our AML/CFT policies. There will be territories that we are unable to offer our services to. For a list of exclusions, please see this.

What constitutes a Proof of Address?

Typically (non- exhaustive) the likes of a bank statement, credit card, utility, cable, telephone, tax and municipal bills/statements will suffice. Any ID submitted as part of the verification process containing an address cannot be used for this purpose again. This document also must be recent; no more than 90 days from date of submission.

How to sign up for an Account?
  1. Click on “Start Investing” button on top right of the website or go to https://client-portal-3ttx7nwreq-as.a.run.app/register
  2. Select “create an account” at the bottom of tile
  3. Input the necessary fields – please note the password policy (see below)
  4. Read the “Terms & Conditions” and agree to them by selecting the check box
  5. Click “Register” button
  6. You will receive an email to validate your email address. Proceed to click on the “Verify Email” button
  7. On the browser, select “Login to Account”
  8. Enter your email address and password at the login screen
  9. You will be prompted to enable the 2FA Authentication (Google Authenticator)
  10. With your Google Authenticator app open select the “+” button (bottom right) and scan the QR code displayed
  11. Input the code generated and select “confirm and Enable” button
  12. Select your “Account Type”
  13. Furnish account details as prompted and select “Save & Proceed” when done
  14. You will now come to the verification stage (KYC/KYB), the requirements are listed in a previous section. Select “Launch Verification Form” button
  15. You will be redirected to a vendor site for the verification process. It is recommended that you complete this process with a mobile device.
  16. The process is fairly simple with instructions clearly outlinedHint: the camera can be manipulated to landscape from portrait mode for easier capture
  17. On completion do sign out and we will notify you via email on completion, or, if we require additional information
  18. Upon receiving the email on successful onboarding, you will need to choose from a list of questions to answer in the event of account verification. Please choose your questions and responses carefully
  19. Once this final step is complete, your Account is ready!
I did not receive the verification code/email notification.

Sometimes mail servers do get overloaded which invariably delays the process. Do allow for some time for emails to get delivered. Otherwise, please check the following:

  • Check if you have blocked Nodeam emails on your email client. If you have, please proceed to unblock
  • Check your Spam, and, or Junk folder. If the email is in this folder, please categorize it as non-spam/junk

Should all above mentioned does not work, kindly contact us at support@nodeam.com

I received garbled email from Nodeam, what do I do? 

There are instances when mails apps may not reflect formatted emails properly. We urge you to login to web-based instance of the same mail service to check. This solution usually works. If this persists, please contact us at support@nodeam.com 

How do I login? 

You will need your registered email address as your ID and password that you have chosen when you signed up for the account. Additionally, you will require a 2FA (Google Authenticator) that is linked to your account.  

How do I logout? 

Mouse over your username on the top right and select the drop-down menu; the last option is to sign out. For added security, it is recommended that you clear your cache on your browser after logout. 

How do I change password? 

Select drop down menu on top right (username) and select “Security Settings” – “Security” – ”Change Password” button.

What if I forgot my password? 

Click on the “Forgot Password?” link in the login page of the portal and follow the guided instructions.

What is the password policy?

Your password must be at least 12 characters and contains at least 1 numeric, upper-case letter & a symbol. An example: i*5kv0+P2m@g

I lost my access to my 2FA (Google Authenticator), what do I do? 

There is no automatic process on this security feature. You will need to email us at: support@nodeam.com, the process may involve authentication/verification of your identity followed by a backend reset.

How do I perform a deposit into my Nodeam account? 

To deposit funds, you will need to obtain a unique deposit address before initiating any transfer from your originating wallet. This unique address can be obtained via the Nodeam portal > “Wallet Management” > “Deposit”, or simply use the “Deposit” button in the main menu. You can either scan the QR or use the ‘Copy Address” button to populate your originating wallet interface.

The following represents the type of digital assets and the corresponding network supported by Nodeam.

Token/Coin Network
Bitcoin (BTC)BTC
Ethereum (ETH)ERC20
Tether (USDT)ERC20

Please do not send your digital assets to wrong address or via the wrong network. Such occurrences will render the deposit funds to be irretrievable.

Why is my deposit not credited?
  • Do check the originating source for a transaction hash (TXID). You can investigate the status of the transfer on the blockchain.
  • Our custody partner requires the number of confirmations as represented below: 
Token/Coin Network
Bitcoin (BTC)2
Ethereum (ETH)30
USD Coin (USDC)30
Tether (USDT)35
  • There could have been a flag on the originating wallet/funds during the process of regulatory checks such as Know Your Transaction (KYT).
  • Otherwise, kindly send an email detailing your transaction to support@nodeam.com 
What is Withdrawal Whitelist? 

In essence, the destination wallet addresses that you would like to use for withdrawal, need to be pre-registered on our system. We will only recognise these addresses to effect transfers to. This is a mutually beneficial security feature. The whitelisting process may take up to 24 hours to complete. 

This is a mandatory process before any withdrawals can be effected. 

How do I whitelist my addresses? 
  1. Login to Nodeam portal > Select “Wallet Management” in (left) menu > Select “Withdrawal whitelist” tab and click on the “Add Withdrawal Whitelist” Button located top right.  
  2. Select the appropriate Coin & Network in the dropdown  
  3. Enter your destination wallet address 
  4. Declare in the checkbox following if you own this wallet 
  5. Enter a nickname you like this wallet to be known as 
  6. After verifying your inputs, proceed to click on “Save Address” button 
  7. Repeat process for every token/coin even if they share the same destination address  

The whitelisting process may take up to 24 hours to complete.  You will receive an email notification when this process is completed.

Withdrawals are only permissible on completion of this process.  

Is there a limit to the number of addresses I can whitelist? 

You are limited to two addresses per token/coin. You can always manage your whitelisted addresses by deleting obsolete addresses and then adding new ones.  

How do I withdraw funds from my Nodeam account? 

To perform a withdrawal request, login to your account on the Nodeam portal, go to “Wallet Management”, click on the “Withdrawal” button, select from the drop down the destination wallet, enter the amount to withdraw and click on “Submit Withdrawal Request”. You will now be brought to a security verification screen to input an OTP sent via email and your 2FA. After furnishing these, proceed to click on “Submit Verification” to complete the process.

Please do not send your digital assets to wrong address or via the wrong network. Such occurrences will render said funds to be irretrievable.

Please note that Network fees applies on withdrawals and as an added security precaution, we only keep a fraction of assets in ‘hot’ storage, so a large withdrawal may take longer to process.

What are the withdrawal limits?

Nodeam does not currently impose any maximum limits. However, there may be times this may be necessary for security purposes. 

Minimum limits are dictated by cost effectiveness. If you have insufficient tokens/coins to cover the network fee, then it is impossible to effect withdrawals. The nett withdrawal amount should be greater than 0.  

Why are my withdrawals not registered in my destination account?

i. Delays:  If you have just submitted a withdrawal request, do allow our custody partner some processing time. Many factors can affect the speed of the withdrawal process, including, but not limited to, the size of the withdrawal, the network congestion, regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYT) checks, network fee surge and block availability.

As such, the withdrawal process can take anything from a few minutes to three business days.

Do note that confirmations of your destination wallet could be set differently.  Our custody partner requires the number of confirmations as represented below: 

Token/Coin Network
Bitcoin (BTC)2
Ethereum (ETH)30
USD Coin (USDC)30
Tether (USDT)35

When our custody partner has successfully completed the transfer, the status in your Withdrawal History will be marked “Confirmed” and you may check receipt of the asset at the destination wallet. 

ii. Transaction error: There could have been errors in inputs on withdrawal details.

iii. Transaction flag: In cases where the destination wallet is flagged by transaction monitoring.

Can Nodeam undo a withdrawal that was sent to the wrong destination address or used the wrong protocol? 

There is no way for Nodeam to halt or undo the withdrawal once the transaction is broadcasted to the network. 
We strongly advise you to carefully check the details of the withdrawal.

Where do I find my investment transaction log?

Login to Nodeam portal > Select “Your Investments” in the (left) menu >select any of the 3 tabs “Active”, “Pending” & “Completed” to see a list of your current investments and history.

More details can be seen when u click on the arrow “>” located top right of each record. 

Where do I find fund movement log?

Login to Nodeam portal > Select “Wallet Management” in the (left) menu>select “Transaction History” and select any of the 3 tabs “All Transactions”, “Deposit” & “Withdrawal” to see a list of fund movements history.

More details can be seen when u click on the arrow “>” located top right of each record.

Where do I see my balances?
  1. Login to Nodeam portal and the Wallet Balances are prominently displayed on the top left of the navigation pane. 
  2. Alternatively, select “Wallet Management” in the (left) menu>select “Balances” tab to get more information on your digital asset balances.  
  3. You can also shortcut to ii by clicking on any of your digital asset balances as mentioned 1  
What should I do if I find transaction errors?

If you encounter any transactions you consider incorrect, please take note of the transaction ID and contact us email: support@nodeam.com

What is custody fee?

Nodeam engages an independent third-party custodial provider for this service to keep your assets safe. The custodial provider is a professional organization catering to the institutional arena with best-in-class facilities.

Nodeam operates on a lean margin philosophy and will be unable to extend this service on a gratis basis if there is no participation in the products we offer. The Swap Facility is not considered a product as it is provided as an ancillary feature for your convenience at cost basis.

Nodeam will only apply this charge to inactive accounts (3 calendar months).

Product FAQs

Can I invest in products using USDT? 

While Nodeam allows USDT deposits, we currently offer investments denominated in USDC. You can make use of our Swap facility to swap the USDT for USDC in the “Wallet Management” menu > “Swap”.

What is HYDI?

The High Yield Dual Investment (“HYDI”) is a structured product investment that pays out an attractive return on investment.

HYDI is only suitable for eligible investors who are seeking yield on their digital asset and are willing to receive the Investment Amount and Yield in either the Base or Alternate Asset on expiry. HYDI should be regarded as a hold-to-maturity investment. The returns on your investment will be affected by the performance of either or all the underlying assets.

What other services does Nodeam offer?


This ancillary service allows you to manage your tokens/coins. It can be found in “Wallet Management” > Swap. The interface is designed to be intuitive. Prices are refreshed constantly to reflect spot market movements.
Swap Limits

Maximum: You are limited to either size of your holdings or the market depth, whichever is lower Minimum: Transactions will have to be at least 300 USDC and equivalent

Swap Facility Fee

This is currently waived. Nodeam reserves the right to amend this fee without prior notice.  

Products/Services Limits
Product/ServiceMinimumMaximum (either or)Maximum (either or)
HYDI BTC – CBTC 0.1200,000 USDCWallet Balance
HYDI ETH – CETH 1200,000 USDCWallet Balance
HYDI BTC – PBTC 0.1 *200,000 USDCWallet Balance
HYDI ETH – PETH 1 *200,000 USDCWallet Balance
SWAP300 USDC **Market DepthWallet Balance

* Equivalent in USDC subject to current spot  
** USDC or equivalent in token/coin to be swapped from 

I have questions not addressed here.

Please reach out to us at support@nodeam.com